Web Services

Benefits of a Personal Email Address

    Your own independent email address that is permanent*
  Use with your current ISP or be ISP independent  
  Reserved Website Address  www.Name.YourSurname.info  
  Editable website pages online  option  
  Your own High Speed internet connection and Dial up No 0845 0036272  
  Never need to tell friends, colleagues you address has changed again  
    Easier for everyone to remember and stay in touch
    Take advantage of better and less expensive ISP's
    A permanent international contact point, never lose touch with people again
    An International address  relevant and valid in all countries
   Permanent email on Letter Heads (save reprinting costs)
    No need to reregister up to newsletters because of email changes
    Take advantage of discounts offered by banks and other utilities more easily
    Stand out from the crowd
  Web Mail with a POP3 you will also be able to send and receive email
from any computer on the internet. **
  Email Antivirus option  
  Spam control option  

In years to come email communications will become more important and a permanent address will be more valuable.
*   We endeavour to keep all active addresses
** Some names have different features enabled